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Ask; Cars with heated steering wheels

Q. Do any new cars other than BMW and Cadillac have heated steering wheels?

A. Indeed, many other brands besides BMW and Cadillac offer heated steering wheels, though that feature may be available only on some models and as an option on higher-priced versions. Among your alternatives are the Lexus LS sedan and LX 570 SUV, several Mercedes-Benz models, the Infiniti M sedan and QX56 SUV, and the Lincoln MKX.

Heated steering wheels previously were limited to luxury brands, but now they also available from some lower-priced brands, including Chrysler (Town & Country and 300C), Dodge (Grand Caravan and Charger) and Nissan (Maxima and Murano), to name a few.

One way to narrow your search is to decide what kind of vehicle you want and use the Vehicle Recommender to pinpoint the ones that offer the major features you desire. From there, you can explore standard and optional features available on individual models to find those that offer a heated steering wheel.

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